Mountains, pubs and more mountains

I am currently quite far through a new painting depicting Aonach Mor, a mountain in Scotland near Ben Nevis.  It's a large ambitious piece and a subject i have never attempted before in my art.  Having recently visited the Highlands i felt like i wanted to respond to the stunning views and the feelings it evoked when i traveled there.  Aside from the obvious beauty of the place I wanted to continue working on a theme that has been in my work for the last couple of years.

Before i even started on this new body of work i knew that i wanted to express a sense of space and stillness.  I wanted no figures, no distractions and to capture nature as i saw it.  The first painting is going well and I look forward to completing it.

My recent painting of The New Navigation pub has been on my mind of late and i may make a few adjustments before it is exhibited.  Most painters i know face the difficulty of knowing when a piece is finished and something has not felt right about the piece for a while.  Just a few little changes i think.