New work for 2017

It's been a while since i have written anything on this site but I have been really busy painting and teaching.

My art classes are going well and I have just put together an art exhibition for my students at The Ancient High House in Stafford.  The artists are a mix of beginners, more experienced and advanced and the pieces have been very well received by the public.  The exhibition is called "Through the Looking Glass" and it runs until the 8th April.  Entry is free but most of the work is for sale.

I am currently working on two paintings both featuring garages.  The first is a private commission and the other features a scene on the outskirts of Stafford.  This piece is an  atmospheric urban landscape depicting an area that most people would probably not notice.  The piece attempts to capture a sense of the place, something that words cannot describe.  

This theme has been part of my work for a while now whether it is buildings, landscapes or interiors.  In some ways it doesn't matter what the scene is; it is more about being present in the moment and feeling alive within the space.  A feeling that goes deeper than the day to day issues, a sense of life and death, an ever changing landscape.

You can never guess how a painting will go but this new piece is flowing really well and I'm painting with confidence and a sense of purpose.