The Woodland exhibition is now on at Reuben Colley Fine Art gallery in Birmingham.  It features my drawings and paintings of Cannock Chase.  I am very happy with how the show looks and am delighted that a few pieces have sold quite quickly - the response has been very positive.  This work has been a pleasure to make and it taps into my love of nature and connection to the forest which i have visited all my life.

The exhibition also features work by Reuben Colley who has produced drawings and paintings of Sutton Park and a few pieces by Mark Godwin and Mircea Teleaga.

I am currently working on a commission off the back of the exhibition as well as finishing off a painting of a Birmingham pub.

I'm planning on a trip to Scotland later this year to gain inspiration for a new body of work.  Possibly mountains......

Exhibitions and plans

The Nicklin Revisited exhibition at Reuben Colley Fine Art gallery in Birmingham finished today.  It was an interesting show to be involved in and it drew in not just art enthusiasts but also people interested in the history of the West Midlands.  It was the first time i had exhibited my work in the new(ish) gallery location and i was very impressed with the presentation of the work, all of which was outstanding.

I will next be exhibiting at Brampton Museum as part of the Open Art exhibition which runs from the 19th March to the 5th June.  I had three pieces of work selected for the show including my painting, "By the Tracks" and my drawings "After the Fire" and "Aftermath" all of which are part of the Abandoned Spaces series.

My Cannock Chase paintings and drawings have been delivered to Reuben Colley Fine Art gallery in time for the Woodland exhibition which is due to begin next month.  I am very pleased with this work and it was an interesting change of subject for me.  I feel that i have captured the atmosphere of the forest as i see it and look forward to seeing it all framed.

I am currently working on a painting of "The New Navigation" inn which is a derelict pub i discovered in Birmingham a couple of years ago.  It's going well so far.