Fragments II

I have just completed a new painting, ‘Fragments II’, which is based on the same collapsed structure featured in my recent drawing. The work ties in with the other themes that i have been exploring but adds a new environment that is rarely featured in my work - the beach. As with the recent tree paintings natural elements mix with human made - debris and litter with rocks, grass and sand. Text features again with the graffiti adding a record of visits made to the site.

The structure appears to be the remains of a World War 2 pill box but could perhaps be something else. As with my other work the mystery of the space along with the evidence of passing time appeals to me.

Fragments II can be seen in the Abandoned Spaces section of this website.


To coincide with the summer time the Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford are holding an exhibition entitled "Coast" which features work by various artists who have responded to the theme.  My Whitesands paintings are included and are nicely situated on the first wall as you walk into the space.  The exhibition runs until early September.

I am currently finishing off my painting of the New Navigation Inn and will soon be taking a trip to Scotland where i will find fresh inspiration for a new body of work.  The plan at the moment is to respond to the mountains.

My art classes with Stafford College are taking a break at the moment and will resume mid September.  The art class at Gainsborough Artworks will relocate to Haughton Village Hall as of the 7th September.  Details for all classes can be found in the teaching area of the website.