Aonach Mor (no.2)

Today i completed a second painting based on my recent trip to Scotland, "Aonach Mor (no.2)".  For me this piece works on two levels.  Firstly it depicts the incredible scenery and atmosphere of the place but it is also another piece of work that looks at the sense of stillness and quietness that such a place inspires.  For a while now this theme has been running through most of my work and is a reflection of my own desire to reduce the mental chatter and overthinking that has become habitual to me.

I have many other ideas based on the scenery of Scotland and plan to produce more on the theme.   Aonach Mor (no.2) is a natural companion to the first painting but both work on their own merits.  An image of these pieces can be found in the Natural Landscapes section of this website.