Exhibitions and New Work

I am currently a good way into a new painting based on an partly collapsed abandoned airbase that was used during World War 2.  The mood of the piece is very quiet and the painting technique is more subtle than before.  I'm trying to create a picture that has perfect balance and so far it looks like it is working.

I have also been taking more pictures of Cannock Chase.  I produced work on this area a few years ago and have started to become inspired by it once again.  I feel like I have progressed as a painter and could produce even stronger work on the theme now.  As always my aim would be to show nature as it is rather than to make it a decorative exercise.

My Whitesands paintings (1 and 2) can be seen at The Guildhall Gallery in the current exhibition featuring work from artists across Staffordshire.  My 'Aonach Mor' paintings are now on display at The Goat Street Gallery in St Davids (Pembrokeshire).