I have just completed a new painting which i have called "Universal".  This piece depicts a factory in Stafford which most local people refer to as "the old universal" from the days when it was the Universal Grinding Company.  These days the factory is still running but as a different company. 

What struck me more than the history was the atmosphere of the space and how quiet it was (it was a Sunday when i visited the area).  For many people this road is just a means to get to town or to go to Doxey - in other words a place that people don't pay too much attention to.

The idea behind the work was to take a look at something that isn't normally considered nice to look and to find a beauty or wonder by taking a deeper look at the space.  By clearing the mind of preconceptions and just observing with a clear mind you can begin to appreciate life on a deeper level.  The textures of the walls, the dash of yellow against the tarmac, the weeds growing through the concrete, the rhythms of lamp posts....  This can be felt almost anywhere by anyone - it is universal.  So the title has more than one meaning.