Trees, waffles and buildings

The Woodland exhibition has now finished.  It was perhaps my most successful exhibition both artistically and commercially - several pieces sold and many more people have become aware of my work.  I set out to capture the atmosphere of the forest and create the impression that the viewer could walk into the scene and many people have told me that is how they felt when looking at the work.  I have produced work that i feel is honest which depicts the forest exactly as it is showing life and death, beauty and mystery.

I feel that i have reached a new high with my work but also that my painting technique is continuing to grow.  it will be exciting to see how things progress.  I have noticed looser elements sitting comfortably next to built up detailed areas.

I have just finished a commission based on my painting "Stillness" which is similar but slightly different.  It is called "Stillness Returned" and can be seen in the "Commissions" section of this website"

I am currently working on a couple of more light hearted pieces for the forthcoming "Food" exhibition at Reuben Colley Fine Art gallery.  This will combine humour and serious painting - an interesting combination!