Aonach Mor

I have just completed my new painting, "Aonach Mor", which depicts one of the mountains in Scotland near Ben Nevis.  The scene shows the view near the top which was very atmospheric and inspiring.  The intention is for this to be the first in a series of paintings of this nature.

David Bowie once said that when looking at the work of Frank Auerbach "I want to sound like that looks".  For me it has often been music that has inspired my paintings.  I would like my paintings to convey a similar feeling to the music of Stars of the Lid (who are in turn inspired by film)!

As with all my work the surface image is just the basic element of the painting.  Behind that is the intention of the work or what has brought it into existence.  In recent times, in an attempt to deal with stress or anxiety i have found being out in nature to be quite soothing no matter what the weather.  It enables me to switch off my compulsive thinking and just enjoy being in the moment.  When painting "Aonach Mor" those moments of clarity, space and stillness were relived and I feel that this is reflected in the work.